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Grief 2 Growth Podcast

Grief 2 Growth examines how the greatest tragedies of life often are opportunities for the most advancement. Planted, not buried is the motto of Grief 2 Growth. Unless a seed is planted, it remains full of unrealized potential. But, once that seed is planted, it can bring forth much fruit. Brian is a grief survivor. After the sudden and tragic passing of his fifteen-year-old daughter in 2015, he became inspired to live his life to the fullest to honor her and make her proud. Grief 2 Growth presents guests who have overcome tragedies and share how they have survived those tragedies. Afterlife experts are often featured. Brian also hosts healers and experts in grief through both education and experience inspire us each to be the best we can be. Brian shares insights he has learned with the hope they will help you on your journey.

Recent Episodes


John of New- Is He John The Apostle Reincarnated

Nov. 28, 2022

John Davis has a pretty wild story. 19 different intuitive readers independently and spontaneously told him about a very specific past life. Raised as a Catholic, psychics were not something he particularly believed in or tr…

Afterlife Explorers

Lisa Jones- She Went To Heaven With Her Husband

Nov. 17, 2022

You've heard of Near Death Experiences. You might not be as familiar with Shared Death Experiences. When Lisa Jones' husband passed into the next life, she was allowed to go to the celebration in heaven with him. After her t…

Guest: Lisa Jones
Wisdom Teachers Wis

The Team Audio Book- Frances Key and Special Guest Lisa Simone

Nov. 14, 2022

What an episode I have for you today! Lisa Simone and Frances Key talk about The Team Books. Frances Key is the channel for the greatest series of books I've ever read. She's appeared on Grief 2 Growth multiple times, and I'…

Guest: Frances Key
Mediums And Communicators With The Afterlife Afterlife Explorers

Terri Daniel- Her Son Died Now Death Is Her Business

Nov. 6, 2022

I've known Dr. Daniel for several years. We have worked together on workshops and teaching courses. I've learned so much from her during our time together. In today's interview, we discuss toxic theology and how it can compl…

Why Meditation Isn't Working For You

Nov. 2, 2022

Why meditation isn't working for me is a common search I recommend meditation to all of my clients. I can't count how many have told me, "I can't meditate. Meditation isn't for me." I've been meditating for about 15 years. I…


Pancakes For Roger-Advice From A Father

Oct. 26, 2022

Susan L. Combs is President of Combs & Company, a full-service insurance brokerage firm based in New York City. Susan started the company at twenty-six years old with a drive to “Do more, better.” This internal mantra has re…

About the Host

Brian D. Smith Profile Photo

Brian D. Smith

Grief Guide | Life Coach | Consultant

Brian Smith is a certified life coach, a grief guide, and a small business consultant. Brian's mission is to help others by sharing lessons he has learned from decades of experience and study.

Brian became well acquainted with grief in 2015 after the sudden passing of his fifteen-year-old daughter Shayna. After Shayna's passing, Brian felt his life was over. He had to learn to survive for the sake of his wife, Tywana, and their daughter, Kayla. Brian has studied the nature of life and death and how to progress through grief.

In his grief work, Brian provides a safe space where you can safely share what you are experiencing. Brian shares techniques that he discovered and developed after his devastating loss. Perhaps most importantly, he can help you understand that death is not goodbye and that your relationship with your loved one can continue. His understanding is not a religious-based belief, but a position arrived at based on reason and evidence.

Shortly after Shayna transitioned, Brian discovered Helping Parents Heal, a non-profit peer-to-peer support group for parents of children who have passed. Brian volunteers with Helping Parents Heal and is a leader of the Helping Parents Heal Online group. Brian has worked with hundreds of parents who have lost children. Brian is a member of the Board for Helping Parents Heal. He volunteers for the SoulPhone foundation.

Brian is on the board of the SoulPhone Foundation and Helping Parents Heal. Brian is the author of "Grief 2 Growth: Planted. Not Buried." He is the host of the Grief 2 Growth podcast. You can find Brian at www.grief2growth.com.