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Great show Brian

Thanks for diving deeper about grief.


I GREATLY appreciate Brian being openminded and his courage to continually grow and evolve!! I have learned more helpful tools and perspectives on my lifes healing and growth journey!!

Supportive and inspirational

Grief to growth is a wonderful podcast with tremendous resources to support and inspire.

Interesting, relatable, and inspiring!

This information is so very helpful.

I'm interviewed on several TV shows, radio and podcasts and Grief 2 Growth is one of the best. Host Brian D. Smith is engaging and easy to talk to, he has a gift for interviewing which enables the guest to open up and speak from the heart. It was an honor to speak with Brian and to his listeners. Grief 2 Growth is extremely empowering and something everyone who has lost a loved one, especially those "shining light parents" who've lost a child need. Thank you Brian for letting me be part of your healing work.

I’m hooked!

I just found this podcast a week ago and I am hooked! I’m listening to a couple episodes daily and have found all of them interesting and enlightening. Great show for people that want proof along with some comfort.

Great listen

Very informative and helpful

Love the guests and the host

I just listened to the interview with Marcus Lang and really enjoyed and learned a lot. Wonderful podcast.

Susanne Wilson

As always, you are Good listener Brian. This interview was very personal for Susanne and I appreciate the way you let your guests tell their stories. I especially enjoyed the end of the interview where Susanne discussed the younger generation and the thinning of the veil. It was very hopeful and uplifting.

Always a great interview

Always a great interview

So helpful during my grief journey

Brian’s podcasts are very interesting, informative and a balm to this grieving Mothers heart. His guests are interesting and he is a great interviewer. His insights and those of his guests are thought provoking as well as comforting. I highly recommend listening.

Uplifting, and Fascinating information

Great interviews and stories. The interviewer gives his guests time to share without interrupting them which is refreshing and honors the experience.

Great content, great conversation1

I had the opportunity to speak with Brian on his show and am so grateful I could. Connecting with others who are also passionate about sharing their journey is truly a blessing. This podcast is great as it speaks to healing after hurt and how to grow from it. Thank you for having me!


I have been listening to podcasts for months searching for something that would help me learn how to heal after experiencing the tragic loss of my son and all the trauma, anger, guilt and anxiety that came in it’s wake. I was divinely directed to Grief2Growth and for the first time in over two years I feel hopeful. I am truly grateful to have found it.

Brian has a comfortable way of discussing what most people don't want to talk about- Grief and Loss. As a guest on his show, I found the conversation to flow well, and we got into the intensity of the feelings that dance within one's soul while facing one of life's greatest challenges - Grief. If you are going through hard times because of the loss of a loved one or the loss of some spiritual part of yourself, especially with the potent after effects of the pandemic, this dynamic show calls out to you, supports you, and offers compassionate insights. Thank you Brain for the rich conversation which really has no beginning or no end. Edy

Thank you for such quality and engaging content

I just found this podcast and find myself binge listening and not being able to put it down (to my husband's annoyance since I'm constantly walking around the house listening with my headphones and not paying any attention to him!!) God bless and thank you!!

This Podcast was AMAZING! If you are into this subject, I highly recommend it.

Great Guest-Centered Podcast!

What I love about this podcast is that it includes real people sharing their personal stories of overcoming grief or challenge in a deep way. The host let’s the guest share and it flows exceptionally well.

Helpful & Hopeful

I truly appreciate this podcast and the work that Brian is doing. The podcast has insightful and thought provoking interviews and information. It has helped me in the darkest of days, and provides a glimmer of hope in our tragic situations.

Honest conversations about a hard topic

This is a hard subject but one that we need to get more comfortable talking about. It took me over 30 years to grieve my mothers death. Brian courageously and honestly talks about his own loss. Such a gift.

Valuable discussions

Grief2Growth provides many needed conversations about grief, loss, hope and healing. Brian offers many thought provoking topics that are spiritual in nature through his discussions with various guests, as well as his own viewpoints based on his own experiences ad research.

Helps to Understand

I appreciate the conversation here and find it all helpful in understanding all the difficult thoughts and feelings that grief brings to the table.

Grief 2 Growth

Brian is authentic. The podcasts are relevant to everyone.

Always enjoyable

Brian’s is a special voice I always enjoy. He’s a wise fellow we all benefit from.

So helpful

Brian’s podcast have helped me navigate the last 7 years. I am so grateful for Brian.

Great Insight

Listening to any of these podcasts always gives me a greater insight into the subject covered. Truly worth one's time to listen and learn. Put together very well, great questions and easy to understand.

Compassionate Conversations

I so appreciate Brian’s calm, attentive and thoughtful way of guiding conversations about some of life’s most difficult experiences. Through his compassionate conversations with guests who have navigated their own personal grief, he gifts listeners with valuable insights for living forward after loss. As a host, Brian gently infuses his own wisdom with that of his guests to leave listeners with the very real hope that growth follows grief when we invite it to.

Great podcast

Brian’s podcasts and book have been a lifeline for me. He is gifted 💜

Thank you Brian and Grief 2 Growth

Thank you Brian and Grief 2 Growth for creating and sustaining incredibly valuable resources and connections for so many people and families who are grieving - and for those that care about them. Keep it up!

This podcast is a touchstone

This podcast is a touchstone for anyone walking through grief or needing to remember that LOVE never dies! I am so inspired and grateful for Brian, his masterful interviews, and the hope and LIFE shared in this podcast! Deeply grateful.