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March 24, 2020

Ali Norell- Shining Light Mother & Author of The Truth Inside- Ep. 64

Ali Norell's 5-month-old daughter passed into Spirit at just 5 months of age. Ali was already a natural born medium. But, after Romy's passing, Ali lost belief in all things spiritual. In this interview and in her book Ali tells of this journey from belief to the loss of belief back to knowing that her daughter Romy is still part of the family along with her husband and her three other children.

Ali's experiences with Romy have been verified by other mediums who have connected with Romy.

Ali's book is "The Truth Inside." It's available from O books and on Amazon.

You can reach Ali at https://www.alinorell.com

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Ali Norell


Ali Norell is a mother – of three children here and one in Spirit – wife, author, tarot reader, healer, and inspirational speaker. Despite having one foot firmly in the ‘Other’, she believes in demystifying the psychic arts and taking it out of the shadows and into public awareness as a thing of positivity; to aid those who grieve and offer hope to all that death is a transition, rather than the end.

Following many and varied careers - including that of a tour guide taking coach tours across Europe and public relations manager for both Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew– both well-known institutions in the UK–she made a decision to follow a different path. She retrained and spent a decade working as a reflexologist specialising in fertility and pregnancy and combining this with work as a birth doula. Alongside this, she spent many years developing her skills as a spiritual medium.

By writing about her experiences, Ali hopes to bring comfort to others who grieve and to show them that it is possible to live a life full of positivity and purpose following loss. She is interested in the idea that all that we need to know in our lifetime is somehow hidden within us and explores this in her work.

Ali credits her late daughter, Romy, with leading her back to her childhood passion of writing. She lives in Brighton, UK with her husband, three children, and three cats.