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Suicide Survivors Episodes

The suicide of a loved one can be particularly difficult to navigate as feelings of guilt and shame can often cause complicated grief- grief compounded by other negative emotions that must be dealt with before we can process the grief properly.

These guests share how they have handled suicide in their lives.
Dec. 7, 2021

Crystal Partney-Scattering Hope After My Sister's Suicide

I spoke with Crystal about life after the suicide of her sister Gina, in 2019. Crystal was raised Mormon and the suicide of her sister tested her faith and caused her to wrestle with guilt. It ultimately led to Crystal …

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July 7, 2020

Miami Knight- Shining Light Mom- Gun Violence Prevention Advocate- Ep…

Miami's Knight is a powerhouse. After her son Ty-Key took his own life with a gun, years after being shot and witnessing the murder of his best friend, Miami dedicated her life to healing herself and others. She is a …

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