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Aug. 25, 2022

Doing The Work To Heal Childhood Trauma- Steven Twohig

Steven is a fascinating man who has turned early trauma into his superpower. 

Steven and I discussed how we all must heal from wounds and the benefit of doing our shadow work. 

Founder of Mastering Change, Steven Twohig, has committed himself to mastering the art of transformation. While seeking to heal from trauma inflicted while just a toddler, Steven was introduced to the practice of shadow work in April of 2000, leading to a lifelong study and what he believes is a path to enlightenment.

Steven spent a decade working for and studying under the world's leading business and life strategist, Tony Robbins. He wanted to blend shadow work with business strategy, integration, and implementation. Tony commissioned him to interview over 10,000 business leaders worldwide to determine what made them successful and help thousands transform their businesses to be more productive and strategic.

Currently, he is studying the impact of shadow work on psychedelic integration. He focuses on bridging the gap between traditional plant medicine and the western mind, intending to bring the insights and innovation that plant
medicine provides to everyone who wants more out of their lives. He believes we are finally on the cusp of proper mental healthcare, which will spur global innovation.

He is an international speaker and has traveled worldwide, teaching a blend of strategy, shadow work, and spirituality. He has extensive study in mindfulness, mindset, business optimization, shadow work and facilitation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, group dynamics, peak performance, leadership dynamics, and unconscious communication.

Through this work, he has formulated a specific framework for understanding the human experience and is currently training other guides to spread the practice.


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