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March 17, 2020

Kim LaCapria- Professional Skeptic, Atheist, and Afterlife "Believer"- Ep.61

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I met Kim a couple of years ago on Facebook. At the time, she was working for Snopes, a fact-checking website. Kim joined a group I as in called Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics. Kim was of the opinion that when you die, you die. That's it. Lights out. Game over. People who believed in the afterlife were self-deluded, wishful thinking. 

But, Kim was a true skeptic, open to data. She asked if anyone in the group knew of a really good medium. She wanted to test the best and reassure herself that mediums are all frauds. I referred Kim to my friend, Carolyn Clapper, the rest is history.

Fast forward a couple of years and Kim remains an atheist and a skeptic. But, her eyes have been opened to a whole new view of reality. She has an on-going relationship with her deceased husband, Joseph. She works for www.truthorfiction.com and she has founded a society for people who want to maintain a relationship with those who have crossed over at www.redstringsociety.com

In this interview, we discuss what it means to be a skeptic, what it means to be an atheist, the nature of reality and how this larger view of life helps us cope with grief.

ℹ️Find Kim at: https://www.redstringsociety.com

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