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June 18, 2019

Michelle Clare NDE Experiencer, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach

Michelle Clare is a three time Near Death Experiencer, a certified evidential medium, and an intuitive life coach. I met Michele as a test sitter for her mediumship certification.  

In this episode, Michelle shares with us three very different Near Death Experiences. I believe that NDEs are tailored for the individual having them to provide them with the lessons they need and that they need to share with the rest of us. Michelle's experiences support my hypothesis as each experience came at a time in her life, with a lesson that she needed.  

Michelle, as an evidential medium, delivers messages, with evidence, that she is connecting with your loved ones in spirit. As an intuitive life coach, Michelle connects with your spirit guides, angels, loved ones in spirit, etc. to bring you guidance for your life.  This was a fascinating conversation covering a wide range of topics.  

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Michelle ClareProfile Photo

Michelle Clare

Medium | Intuitive Life Coach

Guided by Spirit, Certified Medium, Psychic, Energy Healer and Life Coach, Michelle Clare uses her gifts to heal, enlighten, encourage and inspire others while empowering them to connect to the light within themselves.

Michelle is an amazing medium and uses her intuition as a life coach. She has had three near death experiences which she shares in our interview.