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May 15, 2023

πŸ”’ 🎒 My Journey Through Life's Hiccups: Learning the Art of Positive Intelligence

πŸ”’  🎒 My Journey Through Life's Hiccups: Learning the Art of Positive Intelligence
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In this deeply personal and moving podcast episode, I take you through a seemingly disastrous Mother's Day that tested my resilience and positive mindset. As I tried to savor a special day with my family, unexpected electrical glitches involving my stove and fire pit sent me down a path filled with anxiety and worst-case scenarios.

Join me on this emotional rollercoaster as I share my struggle to shift focus from the problems at hand to relishing the precious moments with my loved ones. I discuss the inner workings of our minds, how they often hyper-focus on negative situations as a means of protection, and question whether it's always necessary.

This episode is a journey into understanding our inherent human tendency to dwell on the negative and how we can consciously steer our minds toward a more positive perspective. I reveal my practice of 'Positive Intelligence' and how it has helped me navigate such situations with more grace and less stress.

In an unexpected twist, I ponder whether these technical hiccups could be messages from my departed daughter, Shana, adding an intriguing spiritual dimension to my experience. This Mother's Day story isn't just a testament to my resilience but also serves as guidance for those of us who tend to get entangled in worry and fear.

Tune in to learn about 'saboteurs', the practice of our 'sages', and how, in the end, everything turns out alright. This episode aims to entertain and equip you with tools to manage your thought processes better when faced with life's unforeseen challenges. Remember, we always have a choice on how we feel about things. Let's explore how together.

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