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April 28, 2023

Psychic Medium Julie Ryan Reveals Her Medical Intuitive Powers and Angelic Insights

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🔮 Join me in this enlightening podcast interview with Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan as she unveils her extraordinary abilities and experiences. This episode, hosted by Brian Smith, explores Julie's journey from a successful businesswoman and inventor to a psychic medium connecting with spirits and sensing medical conditions. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and follow me on social media for more fascinating interviews!

In this episode, Julie Ryan discusses:

✨ The services she offers as a psychic medium and medical intuitive
✨ Communicating with spirits of deceased loved ones and pets
✨ Sensing medical conditions and illnesses in people
✨ Connecting with spirits and events from the past
✨ Her book, Angelic Attendants, and its insights on angelic attendants and people transitioning from this life
✨ Personal experiences of spirits helping with medical issues and after accidents
✨ Her website and contact information for people interested in her services

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Brian Smith  0:00  
Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we've been buried. But what if, like a seed we've been planted and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes, open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth and they have got me with me a fascinating man's father Nathan castle. He's from gross, Texas he received an MA and M div or master's in Divinity degrees from an Bennigan's school of philosophy and theology at the graduate theological union in Berkeley, California. He served in campus ministries at Arizona State University at Stanford and at UC Riverside. Father Nathan is chair of the Executive Board and the Catholic of the Catholic campus ministry Association. We're here to talk to him about today is he's actually helped more than 500 stuck and not so stuck souls who died suddenly and dramatically. He's helped them to adjust to the afterlife. Victims of fires automobile accident shooting stabbings, drownings, and suicide come to him and dream seeking help to resolve their interrupted death experiences. Excuse me. Bother Nathan blazer providing such help is something the Holy Spirit has given him and his prayer partners to do. In his afterlife interrupted books father, Nathan is quick to point out that not everyone who dies suddenly gets stuck. He's also the author of and Toto to the Wizard of Oz as a spiritual adventure and afterlife interrupted as I said earlier books one and two, helping stuck souls crossover. Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth and today I've got with me a fascinating guest. Her name is Julie Ryan. She's a psychic medium and she's a medical intuitive. She can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has. And she can facilitate energetic healings. She can communicate with spirits both alive and dead. She can scan animals she can access people's past lives, and she can tell how close to death someone is. Her book angelic attendance. What really happens as we transition from this life into the next describes a series of events and evolves angels, multitudes a deceased family and friends and spirits of deceased pets. And countless, serendipitous and miraculous moments are Angel messages, books or picture books that have angels answering kids tough questions. Each week, Julie scans callers on her ask Julie Ryan international podcast. She's a businesswoman. She's an inventor, she's an author, she's a podcaster. And she's a serial entrepreneur, or surgical device inventions are so globally. And she has found in nine countries and five different industries. Julik psychic and medical intuitive skills are learned. So with that, I'd like to welcome to grifter growth. Julie Ryan.

Julie Ryan  3:15  
Thank you. Thank you. I'm delighted to be with you. Yeah,

Brian Smith  3:19  
I'm excited to have this conversation with your dad's quite a bio that you have.

Speaker 2  3:22  
And well, you know, in my spare time, it's fun.

Brian Smith  3:26  
Yeah. So you're a serial entrepreneur, you're an inventor, how did you get into becoming a medical intuitive and a medium?

Speaker 2  3:34  
Great question. I am not a psychic, there are many. And I'm not one of them, who had dead people chasing them as little children. I did have people Jcv. Or if I did, I didn't know it, let alone what I would have done with that information. I've learned how to do all of this stuff, Brian. So I'm a business woman and an inventor who learned how to do woowoo. And I'm a buffet of psychicness. Because whenever we connect with spirit, you could do anything with it. And that's why I have all these different offerings that I work with every day with people from all over the world. And I get to meet some just really remarkable people and and every client is different, obviously. But the things that we talk about, and the things they want to discuss are different. And so it's just, it's just a blast. It's so much fun.

Brian Smith  4:26  
So how did you even get interested in this spiritual aspect of life?

Speaker 2  4:32  
Well raised Catholic raised Roman Catholic so as a little child, I was taught about angels and saints and the Holy Spirit and stuff like that. So I think that foundation was laid then. And then I probably the thing that piqued my interest the most was I was watching Oprah one day and Shirley MacLaine came on. And that was when she released her book out on a limb. And she really was the first one that I heard talking about past lives and things like that, and I thought, well, how interesting is that? Fast forward probably 10 or 15 years and a friend gave me a book called anatomy of the spirit by Carolyn mace, who called herself a medical intuitive. And I thought, What the heck is that? I'd never heard that term before. And I was an inventor of surgical devices and had been in the hospital supply industry my whole career. So I was helping doctors and medical providers help people heal. And I thought, Okay, I need to find out what's going on with that. So I read her book. And I wanted to know more. And this is 30 years ago, Brian, so we didn't have the internet yet. So I did the old fashioned thing. And I went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore to see what else they had. I figured there'd be more in the bookstore, perhaps than even the library on this topic. And I found a book called Hands of light by Barbara Brennan. Now, she's a PhD, she's deceased now. But she her whole concept was parlaying very complex quantum physics principles into understandable English for the non scientific mind. She's a former, she was a former NASA physicist, and she was doing this work. And I thought, Okay, I'm gonna read this. And she talked about using energy to help facilitate healing. And I read her book, and I wanted to know more. So I called her school in New York, and I said, You guys have anybody in my area that's teaching this stuff. And lo and behold, they did. And so I started studying it. And I studied a, a pretty intense curriculum for about six years, and learned how to do this stuff. Now, fast forward, 40 years later, after she wrote this stuff. I teach people all over the world how to do what I do, but it's, it's quick, it's in about 12 or 13 hours. It's yeah, it's kind of like we used to use carrier pigeons. And then we went to horseback riders delivering the mail, and then the Wells Fargo wagon. And, you know, now we can communicate electronically. So I think it's fast forward 40 years, and that the technology is advanced enough that we don't, we don't need to be at it for years on end. To learn this stuff.

Brian Smith  7:17  
I don't think I've ever heard of anybody teaching something like that. And I've heard of Reiki Of course, I've actually taken Reiki is what you do similar to Reiki, or how's it summerhouses different,

Speaker 2  7:27  
Reiki is a really good place to start, it's a really good foundation about energy, excuse me, energy healing, what I do is I connect to somebody, energetically, I raised my vibrational level to level of spirit, because we're all spirits attached to a body having a human experience, we've all heard that. And so I've learned to raise my vibrational level takes me less than a nanosecond, I'll close my eyes, or watch a laser beam come from my body. For instance, I'm in Birmingham, Alabama, here in Cincinnati, I'm going to watch a laser beam in my mind's eye hook into you. And then it's going to be as if I'm looking at a hologram of you. And it says if I'm looking at an x ray, or a CT scan, or an MRI, and so that's how I connect and then something will be identified, and then I'll watch energetic healings immediately began after something's identified. Those can take the form of something getting added something getting removed, I watched procedures all the time in my mind's eye that emulate what I saw in the operating room for decades now in there, trying prototypes, developing new products, things like that. Sometimes I see healings that utilize methodologies and devices that haven't been invented yet. And regardless of what I'm seeing in my mind's eye, Brian, I'm really descriptive with the person with whom I'm working. Because if you can envision what I'm seeing, it helps integrate the healing into the body. So I get to see amazing healings happen every day.

Brian Smith  8:57  
So and this is something that you learned how to do. That's, I think, they think that fascinates me almost more than anything, because I do know people that do similar things, but they seem to it's like, it's a gift, I guess it's something that they were born with. So and you also do mediumship, I understand.

Speaker 2  9:15  
Yeah, I do that so we can talk to any spirit. And so what I'm doing is my spirits connecting to somebody else's spirit when I'm doing a medical scan and healing on them. And I can communicate with people telepathically. If they're still alive, like you've got a loved one who's in a coma and we're trying to figure out what their wishes are or where their living will is, or whatever we can get that kind of information, communicate with any spirit. That's just that was with a deceased person, and now they're in heaven. Doesn't matter whether we knew them or not. Because our heads are big satellite dishes they receive and they transmit frequencies. Every spirit has a frequency they keep Throughout all of their lifetimes, so in order to get in touch with any spirit, whether they're attached to a body or not is irrelevant, we just think of them that tunes our satellite dish head to their frequency. And it's like, we have a two way radio channel that's open then, and we can communicate with them. So who do you want to talk to? You want to talk to a deceased loved one? Do you want to talk to Elvis or Mother Teresa or Queen Elizabeth or whoever, it doesn't matter? You just think of them and then you're immediately connected to them. Everybody's everybody has this ability. We all come in with it. We're all born with it. It's just a matter of developing and enhancing it.

Brian Smith  10:37  
I've heard people say that. And it's interesting, because I, you know, I don't feel like I could I could do that. You know, and I, and I've done a little bit of tried, I studied mediumship, a little bit, and I've had a couple kind of hits. But it just seems it seems like to me, I feel like it's beyond my ability. So I'd be interested in see if I could do something like that.

Speaker 2  10:59  
Well, have you ever had a thought of somebody and you either get a call from them or a text or you run into them or an email, you say, oh, my gosh, I was just thinking of you this morning. And you think, Oh, what a coincidence? Well, you're doing it when that happens. That's your intuitive ability at work. And that's how it works. Or you think something's gonna happen. And it does. Or you think, Oh, I don't need to go down this road, because it's going to be closed. Yeah. And you're thinking, Oh, that's crazy. There are no signs and you're going down the road. And guess what, it's closed? That's what we're all doing it. We just don't recognize it.

Brian Smith  11:37  
Yeah, I think you're right. I think it's, we are we're so wrapped up with our rational minds. And we've been all taught to, to kind of disbelieve in intuition. Right. And, and to believe that things are only coincidence. So I will say that I have definitely seen a lot more synchronicities in my life in the last 567 years since I started really believing in it and looking for it. And I so it's things aren't, aren't random. And I think and I know people do have intuition. So but I said for they take it to the level that you've taken to it's it's astounding.

Speaker 2  12:12  
Well, I talk to a lot of people between my show and my clients with whom I work every workday, I probably scan 3000 people a year. Oh, wow. So the more you do it, yeah, it's just second nature. And and so the other thing is, the more you communicate with spirit, or you try to communicate with spirit, it's the first thing that comes in your head comes in like a thought in your head fast as you can snap your fingers, or before, because time doesn't exist in the spirit world times a human creation, linear time as we know it. So oftentimes, you'll be thinking of something and you'll get a thought in your head that will come in, that'll feel like an answer to what you're thinking, but you haven't thought the thought all the way? Yeah, don't think, oh, that's just my imagination. No, it's because whoever the spirit is, with whom you're communicating, they've already got what you're thinking before you can think it out all the way, and they're responding to you. So spirit communicates with a thought in our heads. It comes in instantly. And that's how you know that something's going on. That's how you know that answer from Spirit. If you think about it for a couple of seconds, that's your brain talking to you. I had a client this morning, just before I got on with you, who told me that she lost her sister recently. And she was crying so hard on the way home from the hospital, that she she said, I could barely see the road. And she said all of a sudden I got in my neighborhood and the speed limits really slow. She says 25 miles an hour, and they really enforce it. And she said, all of a sudden, there was a cardinal that showed up next to her driver's window. And that Cardinal flew with her all the way into her driveway. And then when she turned off the car and was getting ready to get out of the door, it flew away. And she said my first thought was that was my mom, who's in heaven. That was my mom's sending that Cardinal to comfort me did let me know that she was with me, and that everything was going to be okay. And I said, You're right. That's exactly it. And she said, that was my first thought. And then I thought, Oh, I'm just, you know, out of my mind. I'm, I'm just imagining that and I said, No, you weren't your first thought was correct. Yeah,

Brian Smith  14:29  
I think it's a really good point that we all need to keep in mind, especially as people who are who were talking before we started recording, I'm, I'm an engineer, I'm very, you know, kind of rational person like to believe anyway. And we'll talk ourselves out of signs, you know, and I find myself like, I always try to fit what are the odds of this happening? You know, how rare is this or is just a normal thing. So yeah, I tell people the same thing you're saying go with your first thought if you think it's a sign and then it's a sign, right. So can you get Give me a couple of examples of some healings that you've done.

Speaker 2  15:04  
Sure. Oh, yeah, lots of them. What's really fun is when somebody needs a new organ, like they need a new kidney or a liver, and I watch stem cell energy, regenerate a new or, or generate a new organ, any body part. When I first started doing this work, Brian, this is a long time ago, decades ago, I would watch a donor patient, like it would be like I was in the operating room, an energetic operating room, and I'd watch a donor patient be there and I'd watched the paid the recipient there, I'd watched the Oregon get harvested from the donor patient, I'd watch it get put into the recipient. Now I don't see that anymore. for probably the past five or six years, everything's done was stem cell energy. And so I'll watch and again, I'm an inventor, you're an engineer. So I'll watch a template oral mold of that kidney, for instance. And I'll watch stem cell energy, which looks like a light amber colored gel has sparkles in it, because it's woowoo. Gotta have sparkles. And it has a watery consistency. It reminds me of this hair gel when I was a kid called dippity. Do you remember dippity? too? Yeah, sure. Young Young people say I'd ever heard of that. And I'll say look it up. And then they'll send me a commercial from the 60s or something. It's hysterical. But it was a watch it get generated, I'll watch the plumbing get clamped off into the kidney, or watch the disease kidney get removed, I'll watch the new kidney get put in, and then I'll watch all the plumbing get hooked back up. And then I watch the watch again, unclamped like they do in the operating room. They're checking to make sure that there aren't any leaks. And and then we'll see go down the road and see how the patient's doing. Oftentimes that will show up on a scan. And it freaks out the docs. It's just so funny. I've gotten calls over the years, where a doctor will call me and say, Okay, what are you doing? And how does it stop work. And I'll explain to them when I'm seeing, I believe what I'm seeing in my mind's eye is what our bodies do on their own. Because if you go back to your grade school science lessons, we all learn that every cell has a nucleus, every nucleus is surrounded by cytoplasm, cytoplasm is a watery gel like dippity do. And our bodies have a centrifugal force in them that spins. And that's what causes the cells to divide and replicate to the tune of billions of them a day. I'm watching this healing happen, what our bodies do naturally, I'm just watching it warp speed. So I get these visuals that are really hilarious at times. And it's so that we can have a human frame of reference for this energy healing that's happening, because number one, we can't see it. And number two, we don't know about that. That's something new. So an example of a kidney that was replaced was in a four year old little girl. And they did a scan on her she was on the donor list. And so she would go in and they would do CT scans on her frequently just to be sure that her kidneys were functioning, and she didn't need to go on dialysis and all that that was part of her her checkups. And so one day she was in there, and the doctor came out and he said, I don't know what to tell you. I had seen this healing happen on her. She was one of the first ones. And the doctor said I don't know what to tell you. But the scans just didn't look right. So we're gonna do another set. So they did they took her back did another set that came out. They said, Okay, we don't know how to explain this. But she's got a normal looking kidney. But it's the size of a kidney that we'd see in like a 10 or 11 year old. So she her one kidney looks like a four year old, the one that's functioning, the one that was diseased is not there anymore, but it looks like it belongs to a 10 or 11 year old. We don't know what to tell you about it. And so the mother called me and said How old was the donor patient? And I said, I don't know, let me go back. And so I'll do an instant replay, which I did. And I looked under the sheet to see how old the donor patient was the spirit of the donor patient. And it was a child that looked like a fifth grade or sixth grade or something like that. And long story short, the child never had any kidney problems after that. Oh, wow. She is now out of college. She's married. She's got a child and she's doing fine. Now. Was that me doing that? No. It was Spirit working through me and with me to help facilitate healing. We all heal ourselves. Nobody heals anybody else. No doctor, no medical provider. No, nobody. We send the healing energy. That person is Spirit will integrate it based on what it wants to explore. And the work that I do on the healing side of the equation is just that it's part of the healing equation, in addition to Eastern medicine, Western medicine, whatever, it's just all part of that healing modality. But the person integrates all of those as they choose.

Brian Smith  20:25  
So I'm interested in that that example you just gave where there was like a donor is the donor, you said that spirit donor. So can you explain a little bit more?

Speaker 2  20:35  
Yeah, so and that was, again, that was a long time ago. So now I just see stem cell energy, okay, generates those organs, stem cell energies, cool stuff, it'll regenerate any body part we need. I mean, it's amazing when I watch get healed. So when I see a don't, when I used to see a donor patient, that's an analogy. It's a metaphor for the energy healing that's happening. And it was shown to me in a way, so that I could understand it. And I could relay that to my client. Back then we didn't know about stem cell energy, right. So I didn't have that as a frame of reference, my frame of reference was what's happening in the operating room when there's an organ transplant. Now, fast forward, we've got a lot of information about stem cell energy and stem cells being used to heal. And so I have a different frame of reference, because things have evolved.

Brian Smith  21:35  
Yeah. Now, do you work with a team on the other side? Or are there are there is a team of doctors on the other side that you're aware of? Or how does that work?

Speaker 2  21:45  
I don't dissect it like that. It's just spirit. Okay. Oh, God, the universe. All our spirit guides, all our angels, all our deceased loved ones, my clients, deceased loved ones, my deceased loved ones. I don't differentiate. It's just Spirit working through me and with me to help facilitate healing.

Brian Smith  22:04  
Okay, yeah, I was just curious. I do I know people that that are medical intuitives. And they say there's like they have a team of like, and it may be and this is, I think this is all metaphorical, or in a sense, so we can kind of relate to it. So I'm just curious what how you how you experience it.

Speaker 2  22:22  
The interesting thing about that is, I perceive spirit is going to show up in a different form, like my main spirit guide is a dead Pope. And I have to tell you, stories about him and a little bit when you're ready. And so that spirit showing up as Pope plummet the sixth, but it's just big spirit. But it's coming to me in a way that it's easier for me to understand that I'm communicating with this dead Pope. Because that goes in with my frame of reference in looking at somebody who has, you know, so some knowledge that I don't have. We all look for people to guide us, you know, we're looking for mentors, we're looking for teachers. And it's easier a lot of the time for us to say, okay, Einsteins teaching me instead of big spirit, but collective consciousness energy, that's a little esoteric for most of us to be able to absorb. So I believe that's why spirit will show up in different forms as an angel as a spirit guide, as or whatever. So that it's easier for us to assimilate that information in our human brains.

Brian Smith  23:36  
Right. So you have to tell me about your your Pope's spirit guide. That's the first time I've heard that.

Speaker 2  23:40  
Yeah, yeah. Oh, he's a riot. Pope Clement, the sixth, they showed up one day, and I was with my mentor, and there was a healing and when she's doing a healing on me, I can see all my deceased loved ones that are there. Spirits are on either side of the table where I'm laying, and she's zapping on me. So one day, this dead Post shows up, Brian. And I said, Well, how are you? He's got pat on the Shepherd's rod the whole nine yards. And I saw her you and he said, I'm Klymit. And I said, Oh, I never heard of hope. collimate. And he laughed, and he said, Well, I was number six. On Okay, great. Why are you here? What can I you know, I mean, I was a little more polite than that. I said, how may I help you? He said, Well, you're supposed to teach the world what happens when somebody dies? And I said, Well, yeah, I'm a businesswoman. I'm not doing that people are gonna think I'm nuts. And he said, Yeah, yeah, just get on with it. He said, it's been so bastardized throughout the ages, and there's nothing to be afraid of. And you know it because I'd seen it many times. And what happens when somebody's dying and he said, Just get on with it. And you're supposed to teach world what happens so fine. Yeah, see ya. Bye. Thanks. Thanks a lot. No, thanks. Yeah, so I get my car to leave Brian. And I just for kicks. I looked up on my phone poke Clement the six Well Come to find out this guy was in office during the Black Plague when two thirds of Europe died, and he's best known for his prayers for the dying and his prayers for the dead. And I thought, Oh, for heaven's sakes, I can't make that off. Yeah. And so he's been my, my main spirit guide ever since. And he, he treats me like a Nike ad, he'll say, yeah, just do it. I can't do that. He'll Yeah, just do it. So here I am, all these years later. And, and, and so that's my main mission is to help people understand what happens from the spiritual side of the equation when somebody's dying.

Brian Smith  25:37  
Yes. And that's I met you last summer and Phoenix, and I saw you give a presentation. What happens when someone's dying. And I know we don't have time to go through it in detail now. But if you could just maybe quickly summarize what you talked about, because that was the first time I'd heard it at that level of detail.

Speaker 2  25:58  
Sure, most of us are well acquainted with at least the concept of the afterlife, and for near death experiences, but there's not a lot written about what's happening when somebody's actually dying. We've seen it in the movies, you know, ghosts, and other stuff where, where spirits can show up, or, or whatever. But there, there isn't really much information. And that's what I see in my mind's eye is how we're surrounded by angels and the spirits of deceased loved ones and pets, as we're transitioning. And I have coined the process, the 12 phases of transition. And it's a series of events that involves different configurations of all these spirits, that are there with somebody as they're transitioning. And so I can and all my graduates of my class, we can click into anybody anywhere in the world, if you're on Mars, I could click into you there doesn't matter. I would, I would watch my laser beam come attached to you. And then I can tell based on what phase of transition there and how close to death they are, I can communicate with the patient telepathically. Even if they can't communicate to their families, then I always ask them three questions, Brian, number one, are you ready to go? Yes, they give me a yes or no. Are you in pain? What do you need? And then what do you need just runs the gamut? It can be from I'd like a chocolate bar to, you know, I need to one of my favorite stories is working with a family in Athens, Greece, and the father was dying. And the father couldn't communicate verbally. And so I said, What do you need? And he said, I need to see my sister. So I was on the phone with his wife. And I said he wants to see his sister Is she close by? And she said, No, she said, Australia, as it will get her on the Zoom or get her on a FaceTime or something. They did, and he passed the next day. That's what he needed before he passed. So it's really a glorious situation when somebody is transitioning. And that is the opposite end of the spectrum spectrum of the heart wrenching part from our human equation. And my parish pastor said something one time during a sermon, he said people are so afraid to die, because they don't know if they're going to fly or they're going to fry. We've been so inundated, you know, especially in the Western cultures about that and the Judeo Christian religions and and so Pope Clement said, Okay, you're supposed to teach people what happens when somebody's dying. First time I saw of this, all of this transpire was with my own mother was dying in 2002.

Brian Smith  28:50  
So I do you, do you the lecture that you gave? Do you teach that somewhere I is available that people can get to it? Because I thought it was fascinating.

Speaker 2  29:00  
Yes, I do. My book angelic attendance. I have props. I'm like a show. Game Show girl. Yeah. Yeah, that is that's that goes through it. And, and then also on my website, ask Julie ryan.com. Brian, anybody can go to the 12 phases of transition. And there's a chart there. That's a graphic that people can download for free. And if somebody has a loved one at the end of their lives, I'll say download that, put it on your phone, and then you just ask what phase of transition is my mom in or my grandmother or whomever and you'll hear a number in your head right away. And then you can refer to the chart, and it'll give you information. Not to mention it's going to give you comfort and peace to know that your loved one is surrounded by angels and deceased loved ones and pets, which came in really handy during the pandemic. Yes, if so many people couldn't be with their loved ones in a hospital or a nursing home, and they've really been suffering because they think, oh my gosh, my grandmother died all alone. Nobody dies alone. Everybody's surrounded by angels and deceased loved ones and pets.

Brian Smith  30:15  
Yeah, I was gonna bring that up. Because when I work with people, it's interesting. We got to the worst case scenario in our heads, they died alone, they died in pain. They died scared. And I don't know why we do that to ourselves that people do. So I think the more knowledge that we have, the less fear that we have. And then there's, there's the guilt sometimes people have because they weren't able to be there.

Speaker 2  30:42  
Right, right. And the thing about this, too, is when we can start to identify who the family members are, we can describe them and describe the pets, which is hilarious. I'll say, teach your grandmother grow up on a farm because there are five animal spirits in the room. There's like cows and chicks and ducks and Lamborghinis and stuff like that. They'll say, Yes. And then they'll start to name the animals. I'll describe what a horse looks like, or what a dog looks like, had a clan a couple of days ago, and, and her mother was dying, and I and I was describing the scene that I was seeing in my mind's eye, she whatever phase of transition she was in, and I said, and there's a goat's spirit in the room, did your mom have a pet goat or something? And she said, Yeah, she did. And her name was, I don't know, Lulu, or whatever. She told me what the goats name was. So when that starts to happen, people start to relax a little bit. And I always say, look for the miracles along the way, because they'll be plentiful. Most interesting point about all of this is there has been university based research done with people at the end of their lives, that shows that 90% of people at the end of their lives, see the spirits of deceased loved ones and pets, either in dreams or visions 90%. And I've done university based research on my medical devices, before I was allowed to sell them, you know, we had to get through the governing bodies, the FDA, and they're equivalent in other countries. So I know what's involved with that. I know how rigorous that is. And that's not an easy task. And I think that that's remarkable. And I t's the the author of the study, I say, I love it, when science catches up with woo woo, woo, who's been around for forever. Interestingly enough, on that point to Brian, if you if you look at all of the religious texts, and all that great classical literature, well, it goes back to the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare's King Lear, and Plato's Republic. And perhaps the most well known story is the Christmas Carol, the ghost of Christmas, past, present, and future. I mean, this stuff's all throughout history. And it's in the Renaissance paintings people been seen in this since the beginning of time, I believe, since we've become more well educated and more proof based, we want proof for this. Well, now this research is showing that we have proof.

Brian Smith  33:16  
Yes. And you know, you would view being in the medical field and me being in the scientific field as an engineering and stuff. It's interesting to me. And I like the way you said it, that science seems to be catching up with what we've known for a very long time. But we have also, we've come to a point with dismiss our own our our own subjective experience, right? So if I have an experience, and I can't prove it to people, then they dismiss it. And I wrote a great book about near death experiences, this guy's laid out a philosophical and logical proof of why he thinks the Near Death Experience is proof of the afterlife. But people say, well, because we can't study it in a lab because we can't replicate it, then it's not objective, and therefore it's not real. So, you know, I've had so many people say to me, Well, prove this to me. And I'm like, Do you believe that millions of people, billions of people have had this experience and they've all described it, but you still don't believe it? And it's, it's almost kind of funny.

Speaker 2  34:17  
Well, it is. And I love the quote by Nick Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist and he said, Just because you don't believe something, doesn't mean it isn't true. Yes, yeah. And I and I don't get much pushback from people on spiritual things. Every once in a while. I'll have somebody say, Well, you got to prove this to me. I don't get I don't believe that. You're, that you're really doing this. And I'll say, Well, do you pray? And they'll say, Well, of course I pray and I'll say Oh, To whom are you praying? And they'll say, Jesus or a saint or the Virgin Mary or Buddha or whomever? And I'll say okay, so when you're, when you're praying, do you get answers to your prayers and they say Yeah, all the time, let's say, okay, so when you're sitting on the couch, does that mean Jesus is sitting next to you on the couch? And you can see him and you're gonna hold his hand? And they'll say, Well, no, that's, that's different. And then you can see the wheels start to turn in their head. And they'll say, Oh, you're talking to a spirit, and a Spirit is guiding you. And they'll say, Well, that's not the same thing. I'll say, oh, but it is. Yes, yes. And then that you start to see their wheels turn in their head. And they'll, they'll it'll, it'll give them some fodder to pod ponder. And look at things from a different perspective.

Brian Smith  35:35  
Yeah, you know, there's your it's a good point. There's so much fear I find with people and even I know when I post my videos of like, near death experiences, and, you know, I'll have people come and they'll say, Well, I don't believe anything. That man says, I only believe the Bible. And I'm like that one guy said, I only believe, I don't believe any of man's experiences. I only believe the Bible. And I'm like, Who do you think wrote the Bible? And what do you think it's about? It's about men's experiences. But because it's because it's in those pages, they trust that but they don't trust you know, the fact like, you're, for example, doing what you're doing. It's, it's what does the same thing that Jesus was doing? They all believe that Jesus was able to go out and do miracles and heal people. And Jesus said that we would do greater things. And he did.

Speaker 2  36:21  
Exactly. I have a dear friend who's a world renowned geneticist, and he had some stuff going on. And so he called me and he said, Can you do a scan on me? Because I got this stuff going on. And I said, Okay, fine. So I did connected to him. I wasn't with them at the time. And I was nailing all this stuff that was going on with him. He didn't tell me anything. And and then I, we did something. In part of the healing, where I saw a scene of a situation that he was in as a small boy, I'd never heard of it. I told him who was there? What happened, all of that? And he goes, Okay, I will never doubt what you do again, because there's no way I could have known not only the medical stuff, but also what the what the situation was when he was a little boy. And so I think when we do have the opportunity to work with somebody, and they come in with, they call it evidential answers, you know, whatever. People call themselves, evidential mediums, that's they're getting information from spirit that makes sense to the person with whom they're working. And, and so that helps them believe as well. And I think it's important to remember to Brian, that we're all hardwired for fear. That's what keeps us alive. But most of us suffer over fear that's irrational, because it's something that we've been taught, either by our parents, grandparents school, the media, whomever. And when we're in fear, the body doesn't know the difference between a real fear get out of the road before the truck runs you over. In an irrational fear, I'm going to be late for this meeting. And it feels like I'm gonna die. If I don't get there in time. What happens physiologically is we go into fight or flight, right? We release cortisol, the blood from our brain drains goes down to our extremities, so we can run away from that meeting that we're going to miss. Well, that doesn't make any sense. But we lose clarity when we're in fight or flight. And so when we go into fear, we immediately go into fight or flight. That's what my latest book, The two minute rule is about. We just really said a couple of weeks ago. How do you get out of them? Well, you ask yourself, Is this going to kill me in the next two minutes? It's a yes or no answer. And a lot of the time, you're gonna laugh, you're gonna go for God's sakes, no, you know, if I'm late to this football game, where my child is playing or whatever, you know, is that going to kill me? No, it's not, but it feels like it is. So when you ask that question, you get a no answer. What that does is it lessens that fear long enough that you can get clarity, say, now it's fine. They're not even going to know I'm missing because they're going to be out on the field playing or whatever. Now, when you have a thought you think I better get out of the road before there's direct revenue over that's a rational fear, follow that get out, get out of the road. So yeah, we haven't the tools to to really help us be able to discern what's your real fear and what's fake fear? And I think it's important to remember too, that thoughts don't have a meaning until we give them one. And meaning in the form of emotions is an internal GPS system that we all come in with. So it helps us It helps us be led to what the next step is on our path. Add.

Brian Smith  40:00  
Yeah, that's a really good technique. I like that. But the two minute rule, to put things in perspective, I 100% agree with what you're saying we are fear response is so well tuned. And it was there to keep us alive and 99.9% of the time in the world that we live in. We're not in any mortal danger. But we but we've, we feel like we are and but you know, in the, in the fear that, and I grew up with fear, I grew up, I grew up in a religion that taught me that there was this god that was going to judge me and stuff like that. So I grew up with with that, that fear base. And I unfortunately see that a lot in people still, when I talk to them about medium shipper, or, you know, physical or spiritual healing. It's, it's interesting, though. They'll go to church, and they'll pray and they'll have someone lay hands on them. You know, and I've seen people literally do this, but if I told them that I was coming to see you to have you do a spiritual healing, they'd say, Well, no, that's, that's not good.

Speaker 2  41:01  
Yeah. I had a woman call into my show recently. And she said, Well, I'm Catholic. And you know, we're not supposed to talk to spirits. It started laughing. And I said, Oh, actually, that's who you're praying to, or as you're praying to saints and angels, God and Jesus and whomever. And I said, and it 2016 Pope Francis released a papal bull, which is kind of like a newsletter that says that he was encouraging his parish pastors, to welcome psychics and healers, because they are doing the work of the Holy Spirit. I didn't know that. Okay, yeah. And I can send you a link that you can publish if you want. And now comes with a warning this to read that stuff is just so boring, you're going to be in a coma after about the third paragraph. But my church, my parish, gives away a copy of my angelic attendance book to every family that comes in to plan a funeral. And my pastor says he has a copy of it on his nightstand next to his bed, he thinks it's that important. And I have churches and synagogues all across the country, that give a copy of my book to families that come in to give, you know, to plan a funeral. And I have so many people that say, yeah, that's my favorite funeral gift. If I have a loved one who's lost somebody, I'll give them a copy of your book, and it brings so much comfort to them. So So yeah, that that whole thing about evil spirits, and all that stuff was all made up by religions to control the masses, religions and cultures, you know, oh, my gosh, the ancient Greeks and you better act right or, or whoever Zeus is going to throw a lightning bolt hit in the head. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, well,

Brian Smith  42:47  
it's encouraging to hear that there are churches that are opening up to that, and I interviewed him, it hasn't aired yet. But just a couple weeks, I interviewed a Catholic priest who helps people who are stuck, quote, unquote, crossover. And he was telling me about, like, you know, talking to these people, and and I said, so you're talking to people that are in spirit? And he said, Yeah, so I said, this kind of like, what a medium does is like, why I want to remain a Catholic priests. I don't use that we don't use that word. And so it's interesting for me that I've been since I've been freed up from them, like, we're just using, we're just calling things different things, right? We can pray for people, we can lay hands on people, we can ask the Holy Spirit to heal, heal them and all that stuff is okay. And Catholics even can pray to saints, you know, because we don't do that in the Protestant tradition. But Catholics are praying to dead people. But don't go see a medium.

Speaker 2  43:43  
Well, Jesus is dead. Yeah. You know, I mean, everybody Buddha's dead, that you get all these traditions, it's all the same thing. It's all source. It's all God, whatever you want to call it. And you're right. But people can feel the energy. You go. I live in the Deep South. I got friends that, that I've been to their services in the black Baptist churches. Let me tell you, there is no music like gospel music and black Baptist church, they raise the roof, that energy in there is just palpable. Furthermore, you think of the Gothic cathedrals, with the stained glass windows, you know, the Ancient Ones, stained glass windows, the pipe organs, the pitch ceilings, all of that they were all designed to have a frequency that would help people be able to reach spirit reached that frequency, that vibration of spirit. That's what the Gregorian chants are. Yeah, yeah. And, and they're all about a vibration. And the interesting thing about their Gregorian chants and I talked about this in my book, angelic attendance is one of the most famous Gregorian Chant Hans originated in the fifth century and it's still set at every Catholic mass funeral mass today. And it talks about the angels in your deceased loved ones will greet you and lead you into paradise. Oh, really? And when I was writing Angelica tenants, I researched it to find, Okay, where did that originate? Fifth Century, I have to believe, Brian that back then some of the most learned people were men living in monasteries. And maybe it took till the fifth century till somebody could read and write it well enough that they could write this down. And it's still being used today. So I think when we think of things in the form of energy and vibration to and back to those Gothic cathedrals, they were trying to get all of the senses engaged, right? You had the beautiful stained glass windows for your eyes. You had the Gregorian chants for your ears, and the pipe organs and that kind of thing in the choirs. Yeah, had the candles, yeah, had the enzymes that was the olfactory, all those senses. Were coming together so that people could get into that frequency of spirit, and communicate with spirit through prayer. So we go back to the beginning, and I think we've been doing it since since humans have been around.

Brian Smith  46:21  
Yeah. So you, you talk about also pets, our pets will be there to greet us. And I know I've had a couple of people that I've worked with it's, they've said, losing a pet to me has been just as hard as losing a human. So what are your thoughts on what happened with our pets when when they cross over?

Speaker 2  46:38  
Their spirits are still around us? Like our loved ones spirits are and all you have to do is think of them and they immediately come in. Have you ever did you ever watch the TV show? bewitched? Oh, I love when you were a kid. Yeah. Oh, what I wanted to be Samantha Stevens when I grew up, and now I am yeah, stuff she could do. So for those of you that are watching or listening that don't know what Brian and I are talking about bewitched was a story. It was a TV show in the 60s. And it was about a witch who was a good witch, and she married a human. And so she would yell mother, or Uncle Arthur or Dr. Bombay and they would immediately come in, they would, they would show up and she could talk to them. Or she'd snap her fingers. And she'd be in a different place. That's called Remote viewing. That's what we call it today, at connecting with, with whoever she wanted to talk to, that's communicating with spirit, like I was talking about earlier how our heads are like big satellite dishes that we can receive and transmit frequencies, pets are the same way. Well, we'll lose a pet and we'll think we're hearing their little nails clicking on the tile or on the hardwood floors. And we'll think that's just my imagination. No, it's not, that's your pet letting you know, there are around when our dog died, we used to hear her sigh, I could hear sigh. And my husband could do it. He'd say, well, Katie's over there in that corner. And then of course, I could see her too, but but I think it's important to remember that spirit is going to communicate with us in a multitude of ways, we may see something out of the corner of our eye, we may smell something, we may hear something, we may feel something. And it's all spirit communicating with us, sometimes in a lot of different ways simultaneously. So pets are around us all the time. And their little spirits are there in the 12 phases of transition, I call that pet area that the dog pound, whether it's dogs or other, you know, it's like they're in this certain part of the room that I can see. And, and I can describe to you what the pets look like. One other important point about the 12 phases of transition also, Brian is that everybody goes through all 12 phases, regardless of how they die. If they if they die instantly, like in the case of a homicide or suicide, or they die over a prolonged period of time, like days, weeks, months, even years. Everybody goes through the 12 phases of transition. And remember, time doesn't exist in the spirit world. So a nanosecond may be long. In the spirit world, it may not even be a thing in our understanding of it. So everybody is surrounded by angels in the deceased.

Brian Smith  49:25  
Well, that's a really interesting point. And I'm glad you made it because I think it you know, again, from our human perspective, thinking of time, we think I might think but this only applies to people who are going through a prolonged death, like an Alzheimer's or cancer or something like that. So you're saying even someone to transition suddenly, it's still an orderly transition into the spirit world. Right.

Speaker 2  49:45  
Right. And so I can do an instant replay of somebody's death. I had a woman call into my show last night, and one of her best friends had been murdered. And so she was asking questions about what happened, so we could do an instant replay A and see what what's going on.

Brian Smith  50:03  
So you're able to, to understand what what happened with her. And how do you feel about this, because I've heard many times when people are going through a traumatic experience of trauma, for example, being murdered, that their spirit actually leaves their body before their body is, suffers.

Speaker 2  50:20  
It's been my experience that it's all across the board this gal last night wanted to know if her friend suffered, and I was communicating with a friend telepathically and spirits. She was in heaven. And she said, Yes, she did. And then she went on to say, I want you to focus on the fact that I'm in heaven, that everything is pure love, pure joy, and I'm around you all the time. There's no reason for you to focus on how I died. Or if I suffered because there isn't anything you can do about that. What you can do going forward is you can be in aware that I'm around you, you know, you can communicate with me. And so that's what we talked about. She also had a message for her mother, the gal in heaven, her spirit, wanted her friend who's still alive to convey a message to her mother, who's alive. I'll tell you can imagine the grief was palpable. And she wanted to know, the the woman who had called into my show wanted to know, because apparently she was murdered by her boyfriend. And she wanted to know if it was on purpose. So her friend and heavens said to me, no, it wasn't he was high. And I said to my caller, did he have a drug problem? She said, Yes, a serious one. I said he didn't intend to murder her. However, he was high. And he was out of his mind. He didn't know what he was doing.

Brian Smith  51:49  
Yeah. Well, hopefully that brought that person some some comfort. But, you know, again, it goes back to that thing where I think we tend to focus on the worst possible thing, right. So we focus on the moment of the person's transition. And you know, they have a whole life that they live before that they have a life that they're living now, you know, and we were focused on that one thing that just drives us crazy. Right,

Speaker 2  52:15  
right. And that's a really good point, I think. And a great illustration, just last night, I said 24 hours ago, where this gal in heaven, her spirit, the woman who had been murdered, said, I don't want you to focus on how I died. I want you to focus on what's going on now. What's your relationship going forward?

Brian Smith  52:37  
It's interesting. I've had several medium readings, my daughter passed away suddenly. And it's like, she doesn't really want to talk about it. I've had so many mediums really, really good memes. Like I can like getting like her cause of death and like getting how she transitioned and like, I don't think she wants to talk about it. And I think it's just not a big deal to her. I don't think it's I don't I try not to focus on it. People will ask me all kinds of questions. And I'm like, I don't know. And it doesn't matter.

Speaker 2  53:04  
Yeah. Well, I think a couple of other interesting points along these lines of this conversation, too. Number one, our relationship changes. And I use the and I talk in analogies a lot. In case you haven't figured that out yet. Because it gives our human frame our human minds our frame of reference for all this stuff that we're talking about. And my frame of reference for our relationship changing is think of a friend that you had growing up, maybe you had a friend that lived next door, and you got to see him all the time. And then you guys grew up and you move to different cities, but you're still friends, you talk to him on the phone, you text him, whatever, you still have a relationship with him. It's just different. That's how I think of when we have a relationship that continues with a loved one who's in spirit. And I think it's important for us to remember that relationship is still there, even though it's changed some. And the other, I think important point to Brian is regardless of how somebody dies. And we all go through this, we all think well, what if we would have done this differently? What if we went out a different doctor? What if we would have not taken them to that ballgame, we wouldn't have been in the car accident, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's all a natural phase of grieving. But I think too, it's important to remember that it's never going to make sense to us. Why it happened, is never going to make sense while we're alive. We'll get it when we're in spirit with them when we're in heaven with them, but we'll never understand it when we're alive. The other important point to mention I believe, is we all decide when we go where we go, how we go and who's with us or not when we go, we're all in control, or spirit is when we leave. Most of us that are left behind say well, if I would have done this differently if I wouldn't On that differently, I hate to burst your bubble, you're not that powerful, right? And every medical provider and an ICU or a CCU, every hospice person, you know, like a nurse or another hospice chaplain or whatever, every funeral director has unlimited stories talking about. The family sat with Aunt Susie, for three weeks, and, and I was on duty, and I left the room for three minutes to go get a cup of coffee. When I came back, she had passed and we said Aunt Susie, what's up with that? We all were with you. And then you chose to leave while nobody was in the room with you. Right? All our spirits prerogative, how we leave, when with whom all of that?

Brian Smith  55:46  
So are you do you believe in we have certain a certain exit point or multiple exit points, in terms of when it's our time to go. It's been

Speaker 2  55:55  
my experience in talking with literally 10s of 1000s of spirits over the years that we decide how we're going to go when we're going to go all of that that can be decided very quickly. It's not like when we come in, we know, okay, we're gonna die on April 7, at 3:17am. That's not how I'm told it works. It's in and again, this gal who's my client that I talked to this morning, she said her mom was a candidate for a liver transplant. And she was in the hospital, she wanted to come home, that we're getting ready for her to come home. And then she developed Mersa. Oh, and she was dead in 24 hours. And she said, so did my she asked the same question. She said, so did my mom intend to die? Then I said, and so we were talking with her mom, telepathically. And her mom said, I was just so tired. I didn't want to go through this anymore. I didn't want to be a burden to the family. And I realized that somebody else could use that liver and live their lives. I had all these problems with my body. And so then Mercer came in and I took that as my ticket to ride got to heaven. Yeah. So the whole exit point thing, I think is us trying to make sense from a human perspective.

Brian Smith  57:17  
I think, you know, what's what's interesting to me what I always say to people, I have to be careful not to be too blunt. Sometimes it's like, but when we all when we're born, the one thing we know is that we're going to die. That's the only thing we know for sure. And it's just a matter of how and when, and we view death as a tragedy. So we want to, we always want to say, Oh, well, you know, they, they went too soon, but it could be 96 years old, it could be 116 years old, right? And so you're single, you know, it's such a tragedy that someone's passed away at 95 or something. I'm like, it's not a tragedy. I'm sorry. We're going back home. But you know, so especially in my case, when people lose children, they're like, We want to know is this was this plan was this part of the plan? And I'm like, I think for my daughter's perspective, being where she is. Now, it doesn't matter whether you live to 15 or 80.

Speaker 2  58:12  
I agree. I agree. 100%. And we don't know what their past lives have been. We live countless past lives. So perhaps, your daughter lost a child in a past life. In this round, she wanted to explore what it was like to be the child to leave or she was the friend of or the sibling of or the grandparent of or that whatever of and she wanted to explore it from that perspective. I like to use the analogy of, of Hamlet, when I talk about past lives and past lives are so much fun, Brian, because we can oftentimes get information that we can corroborate with historic documents online. And I always say you make that stop, Bob. Yeah. So the hamlet if you think about Hamlet, we all come in with a script of things we want to explore and experience. And I'll see a semblance of that script repeat itself through multiple lifetimes. And with Hamlet, with that analogy, think about how many times is Hamlet been performed since Shakespeare wrote it? And 1602? Yeah, who knows? Right? What do you think about same script, different time? What was happening in the world different language? Where was it performed, by whom all those variables come in. And it's gonna give you a different perspective of that same script. And we do the same thing. And we don't really get things until we experience them. For example, go back to when you were learning to drive a car. You can read a book about it, you can watch a movie about it. You can ride in a car with somebody else driving but until you're behind that wheel, you don't really get it. Right. And that's how this works, too.

Brian Smith  59:56  
Yeah. Well, you know, speaking in past lives, and I know that's Very, that's a controversial subject for some people. And I'm still piecing together I think there are, there's some sort of continuation and people do come back in some form or another. But also, if you just accept the fact that you just said, this is not the, because we, again, we think, Okay, well, it's not fair that this person only got 15 years, this person only got three months. So this person only got two years. And that was their entire experience of being human. And I don't think that's, that's true at all. And I think we can expand beyond that, that it takes a little bit of the sting out of it.

Speaker 2  1:00:35  
I agree. And then there are lots of schools of thought that we live concurrent lives, we're living multiple lives all at the same time, and that makes my head want to explode. When that happens. Is that is that do I understand it? No. Is it feasible? I've heard that it is. Is it feasible for me? Okay. Yeah, but I don't understand it.

Brian Smith  1:00:58  
So when you second current lives, I've heard that taken two ways. One is that we are because there is no time that we're living past present future lives at the same time. Can't say with that same time. I've also heard people say that we can actually being multiple bodies that are spirit can be like, I can be Brian here and I could be role and San Paolo or something, living two different lives from from my oversoul perspective.

Speaker 2  1:01:24  
Exactly. And I believe what that comes down to is we're made in the image and likeness of God. And most of us think well, God looks like Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies or Gandalf from Lord of the Rings movies, you know, Father Time long hair, white beard, white gown sitting on a cloud someplace. Yeah, what I believe is that we're made in the image and likeness of God in Spirit form. So if God can be everywhere, all at the same time, so can we, that's my perspective, based on my experience, and so that helps me kind of understand it. In a in a different way.

Brian Smith  1:02:03  
Yeah, it is. It is mind blowing. It's it's fun to explore. I I tell people, it's like, I try not to get too I don't get too caught up in it. But it's fun. When we have that perspective. Like, I don't have to figure it all out. But it's fun to play with it. Right. So is there a reincarnation? How does it actually work? Is it you know, serial lives are their parallel lives? Or, you know, because I've heard so many people say, Well, I'm never gonna back here again. I'm like, Yeah, sure. So we all say, but with that, yeah, you ever I think you have a different perspective once you once you step back a little bit.

Speaker 2  1:02:43  
Yeah. And and I also think that when we do pass live scans, of course, I'm an entrepreneur. So I have to do it my own way. I don't hypnotize people, I envision myself in this endless hallway. And very tall ceilings, very narrow walls. And they're these big square mirrors that are perfectly lined up vertically and horizontally and columns in each mirror represents a different lifetime. So we'll ask a question, like, you know, was Brian Aw, champion athlete in a past life? And the mirrors that correlate with that question will come out from the wall as if they're on a hydraulic arm. And then I'll say, show me the one that correlates the most that one will come out the farthest it will be as if I'm walking into the mirror and walking into a scene in the movie. And I'll be given where it was when it was little bit about what was going on, and will correlate it with what's happening in your current life. So it's really fascinating. Sometimes I'll get dates. And one of my favorite past life stories is about a guy who was a CEO of a huge publicly traded company, here in America, and global, but you know, on the New York Stock Exchange, and he had cancer. So as part of his healing, we were doing a past life scan on him. And we got that he was an admiral in the British Navy in the late 1700s. And we got his name, and we got that he was in charge of the Atlantic Fleet. And he was famous for some big battle with the French. And we got the years and all that jazz. Well, I don't know British naval history. But we looked it up and it was all verifiable. So that's one of my favorite examples of we'll get information and, and we can corroborate it with historic documents. One of my friends actually had a situation where it was Thanksgiving morning, and she was at her mom's house, she and her sister and they were fixing dinner, and they watched some antique spoons and stuff come off of the wall and fall on the countertop, all three of them, but then we're like, what's going on here? So they're on the phone with me and what can you scan this? What's going on? And so I got that It was the, the person who owned the land where their housing development is. It was here in the Birmingham area, we got the guy's name, we got that he was a farmer. We got all this other information, we got the family name, we got the years that this was transpiring, one of the grandsons was able to find the original deed of the property in historic documents. And it was all there everything that we had gotten communicated to us from spirit. So that that really is fun when we can get that kind of information.

Brian Smith  1:05:32  
Absolutely. Well, Julie, we're coming to the end of our time before I let you go like for we touched on your services, but if you could tell people the services that you offer, I so go through the service your offer how people can reach you.

Speaker 2  1:05:46  
Yeah, my buffet of psychic this includes Medical, pet, deceased loved ones communicating with spirit, or whoever you want to talk to you. It doesn't matter. telling how close to death somebody is past life stuff and anything else that has to do with spirit. I am delighted to talk with people every day. I do my show on Thursday nights. It's live to tape. So it's a call in show people call in from all over the world and ask Julie Ryan, that it's always fun because it's a crapshoot. I never know who's going to call. I never know what their questions are going to be or what spirits answer is going to be very fast paced, very fun. And, yeah, so as Julie ryan.com Everything's there, May I May I tell them about my books?

Brian Smith  1:06:34  
Absolutely. All right.

Speaker 2  1:06:36  
So anybody listening, if you want a free copy of any of my books, angelic attendance, what really happens as we transition from this life into the next, or one of my children's books, I have four of them. And they are darling. Brian, look how cute these are. The illustrations are so cute, they're colorful, and they're they're kids. You know, asking angels tough questions and, and lots of information for them. Just go to ask Julie ryan.com, click on the Ask Julie button, say Hey, I heard John Bryan show I'd love a free copy of your book. Or if you have kids or grandkids and you want one of the kids books. There's one for cats, dogs, kids and the two minute rule for kids that we talked about earlier. And we'll send you a free digital and audiobook version just for listening as a gift.

Brian Smith  1:07:26  
Julie, thanks so much. That's very generous of you to do that. Thanks for being here. And great. Great to see you again.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:33  
Thank you, my honor. All right. Enjoy

Brian Smith  1:07:35  
your afternoon.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:36  
You too.

Brian Smith  1:07:38  
I'm excited to not I have a great new resource. It's called gems, four steps to move from grief to joy. And what it is it's four things that I've found that I do on a daily basis to help me to navigate my grief. And I'm offering it to you free of charge. It's a free download. Just go to my website, www dot grief to growth.com/gems G m s and grab it there for free. I hope you enjoy it.

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