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March 20, 2020

Some Good News About the Coronavirus- Ep. 62

Some Good News About the Coronavirus- Ep. 62

We should take the threat of Covid-19 very seriously. It has turned our world upside down. We are fearful, for good reason. But, there is a difference between fear and panic. There is a difference between being realistic and being despondent.

In this video, I will talk about what we do and don't know about coronavirus today. I am not a medical expert. But, we do know some things. I will also share some good news stories you might not have heard. We have made amazing progress against this virus in just over 120 days since the first case.

Lastly, I share things you can do while in self-quarantine to keep yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually strong, while we ride this out.

ℹ️for more details on the good news see my article here: 7 Good News Stories About the Coronavirus

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