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Carolyn Clapper

Evidential Medium | Medical Medium

from Carolyn's website:

"Hello! I’m Carolyn Clapper, also known as the "Next World Medium.” If you are reading this, then you have found me for a reason. Perhaps you were led here by someone else who knows of me. Maybe you stumbled upon this site, or you saw it by chance. Could it be that a loved one who has passed on is trying to send you a message, wanting to connect? Whatever the reason, I am glad that you found me.

If you are unfamiliar with who I am, or what I do, allow me to introduce myself. I am simply me; no more or less special than you, or anyone else. What I have is a gift given to me by God and Spirit. I accepted this gift by making an agreement with Them on a soul level to share it with as many people as I am able before it is my time to cross over and join them.

I have always considered myself to be spiritual, but I haven't always been a Medium. In fact, I used to be somewhat of a skeptic about such things. That is, until I fell severely ill with meningitis and nearly died. In so doing, I stepped briefly into that next place, where I found myself bartering for my life in order to see my son grow. I agreed to do this work in exchange for my life. I was healed, and upon recovering and returning to the place of the living, I was left with the ability to see beyond this world into the next.

I have spent countless hours—years even—hiding in the shadows and giving on-the-spot readings to complete strangers; some of whom have become dear friends. I was afraid of what the world would think of me if I put what I see out there for everyone else to see, too; afraid of judgment and rejection. Then I realized the whole point of the agreement was to do just that: take the risk and put it out there. This gift doesn't belong to me. It is not to be kept, or hidden. It is to be shared and explored."

Carolyn is a medical medium, which she differentiates from a medical intuitive. What sets her apart from them, is her ability to get the tiniest of details down to a cellular level, deficiencies, exact locations in arteries and heart where the issue is, exact vertebrae in the spine or spot in the brain... etc... and see past, pleasant and future trauma. Carolyn can also offer treatment options.

Oct. 27, 2020

Carolyn Clapper-The Next World Medium- Ep. 96

Carolyn Clapper is among the best mediums in the world. I know many top-notch mediums and when it comes to the level of detail, a…

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