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Jerry Hyde

Author | Mentor | Therapist | Podcaster

A shadow therapist with 25 years clinical experience, Hyde rejects many of the conventionally held views of the mainstream psychotherapy world.

He works with couples and individuals and leads the largest men’s group practice in the UK.

An outspoken advocate of shamanic plant medicines he believes for some people a combination of deep psychotherapeutic work and psychedelic entheogens to be the most powerful way of bringing about real, lasting and positive transformation.

“Like any relationship, good therapy is more about chemistry than technique, training or experience.

Nov. 9, 2021

Jerry Hyde- The Most Dangerous Therapist In The World

You are going to love this guy! I enjoyed this frank conversation with Jerry about what it is to be a man, the ultimate nature of reality, the role of drugs in spiritual development, and much more. Jerry is a …

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