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Judy Unger has been a commercial illustrator since 1981. Her illustrations can be seen on many well-known food labels. Judy studied classical guitar in college and wrote many songs, which expressed her enthusiasm for life. Tragically, her first-born son, Jason, died from complications of a heart defect. His loss drained her enthusiasm for life.

For thirty years, Judy focused on her art career and her family. She gave up songwriting and playing guitar. She raised and advocated tirelessly for her three surviving children and was the primary caregiver to her parents in their declining years.

In 2010, at age fifty, she opened her heart to share the deeply painful experience of losing her young son Jason. Writing the story of his brief life transformed her, and the grief she still carried was lifted.

She began playing guitar again and discovered that music brought her immense joy. Her rebirth was absolute miracle after suffering the loss of what she had so deeply loved.

Judy is a passionate songwriter; her songs comprise a musical of her life. Many of her songs are dedicated to Jason. She rediscovered the songs she composed in her youth and wrote new songs that helped her cope with current challenges.

Her music is featured on Insight Timer, a popular meditation app, and her blogs: myjourneysinsight.com and Illustrating My Life have reached people all over the world. She performs regularly where she lives in Southern California.

Judy wants to inspire hope and healing as well as offer comfort with the music that brought joy back into her life.

Feb. 16, 2021

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