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Vanessa May

Author/holistic grief coach/grief educator/nutritional therapist/wellbeing coach

Vanessa is from London in the UK. She is a holistic grief coach, certified grief educator, nutritional therapist, wellbeing coach and author. She wrote 'Love Untethered: how to live when your child dies' in part to make sense of her profound grief and trauma, as well as in the hope that she can help others who have experienced a significant bereavement. Vanessa believes life-changing loss can affect us on multiple levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As well as being a memoir, ‘Love Untethered’ also offers suggestions to those grieving based on Vanessa’s personal and professional experience. Her second book ‘Supporting Your Grieving Client: a guide for wellness practitioners’ will be published in February 2023 and she is currently writing her third book which will be a sequel to ‘Love Untethered’.

Jan. 24, 2023

How To Live When Your Child Dies- Vanessa May

"Love Untethered: How To Live When Your Child Dies" is a memoir about Vanessa's grief for the loss of her son Harry. By sharing her personal experience, Vanessa hopes to enable others who have gone through a similar loss to …

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