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The Merhipsy

Zoey Greco, also known as "The Merhipsy", is an intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to the divine guidance and unconditional love that awaits them in every moment from Universal energy. Zoey has had her intuitive ability her entire life, as well as her gift for healing. Able to describe her past lives and experiences in the beyond as an infant, all through her childhood she was able to "see" what wasn't there and to "hear" what wasn't said.

Renowned psychics instantly recognized her as "gifted" and prophesied that she would one day have a powerful impact on the world. Through the Mystic Rebel Podcast, her Intuition Activation Mentorship, and through her twice sold-out Mystic Rebel Oracle and Crystal decks, Zoey helps others experience healing, discover community, and feel far less alone in their spiritual and personal journeys. Zoey hopes to introduce spiritual novices to the world of healing, and facilitate deeper growth and expansion for life-long seekers.

Activate Your Intuition with Zoey Greco
March 3, 2022

Activate Your Intuition with Zoey Greco

I greatly enjoyed my conversation with Zoey Greco. She is a fascinating young woman who has embraced her intuitive nature and is dedicated to helping you embrace yours. Born in New York City, raised in rural Connecticut, evol...

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