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May 27, 2022

Cindy Baumann- An Incredible Grief Warrior

Cindy has endured more trauma in this life than many of us will in several lives. While there were times she wanted to give up, she never did. Today, she is an example of what we can become if we just keep showing up.

At the end, she delivers a message of inspiration for us all.

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Cindy is the Author of Grief Warrior: A Journey of Hope and Courage to the Other Side of Traumatic Loss. She is a Grief to Gratitude Coach. And she is a Now What Coaching Program Facilitator - career transition coach

Cindy's website is:

Her book is:
Grief Warrior: A Journey of Hope and Courage to the Other Side of Traumatic Loss

Some of the questions I ask Cindy:
Tell me about the loss of your son?
How did you deal with the Should'ves, Would'ves and Could'ves?
Tell me about your experience with EMDR
How did you personally accept and move forward in your grief?
What tools and tips helped most in your healing journey?

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