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Aug. 13, 2019

Daniel John- Evidential Medium, Reiki Man- Ep. 16

I met Daniel when we were both doing volunteer work for Voice of Our Angels. I hosted a gallery reading he did for those parents. I immediately knew I liked this guy. He's only been doing mediumship publicly for about a year but he's already got a large and rapidly growing following based on how good he is as a medium and how sincere he is as a human being.

Daniel and I share similar paths when it comes to religion, the Bible and where we are with our faith now. In this interview, we discuss extensively whether the Bible prohibits mediumship and whether Christians should consider consulting with a medium. We talk about what mediumship is and isn't and how we can all improve our ability to connect across the veil. We also talk about how upcoming book which sounds like it's going to be a good one.

You can find Daniel at https://www.danieljohnmedium.com/ 

His new studio, located in Geneva, NY is at: https://www.thezomestudio.com/

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Daniel JohnProfile Photo

Daniel John

Author/Spiritual Medium/Reiki Master

Since June 2018, Daniel has practiced mediumship at a high level serving others with his gift of communicating with the spirit world.

Daniel is a husband and father to three children and lives in Geneva, NY.

He has performed over 2000 mediumship sessions and loves to volunteer mediumship sessions to many different organizations that help people with grief support!

"I am here to help people understand that Love is all that matters! It takes getting a little uncomfortable, along with having an open mind and heart, to listen to what God (The Universe) has in store for you."

"As a medium, I pride myself on being a man of God and serving the greater Whole. I use my gifts from Him to help others with their life journey! I am an evidential/spiritual medium that is FULL of Love. I will continue to listen to guidance from God as I keep my eyes and ears open to what He has planned for me, while helping others along the way!"