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Oct. 8, 2019

Debra Diamond- Death Doula, Author & Medium- Ep. 26

I've known Debra for several months and we've talked a few times. When I heard her book, "Diary of a Death Doula: 25 Lessons the Dying Teach Us About the Afterlife", was coming out I scheduled her for the podcast.

Debra's journey through life is one of going from being a high-powered Wall Street money manager and television correspondent to finding out that she has mediumistic abilities. She now works as a professional medium, pscyhic, and medical intuitive.

Debra became a death doula. I'll let her tell you what that is in the episode. What it means is she spends hours with the actively dying. As someone who sees and hears the spirit world, this has given her a unique perspective to write the book about her experiences as a death doula. 

When our loved ones are in the stages of death, and there are stages of death, there is so much going on behind the scenes that we can't understand or perceive. In her book, Debra pulls back the curtain and gives us a peek as she is able to see into both worlds at once.

After having read dozens of books on mediumship, death and dying, etc. I wasn't sure how much there was more for me to learn. I found some surprising revelations in the book and during our chat. 

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Debra DiamondProfile Photo

Debra Diamond

Medium | Death Doula

Debra Diamond, Ph.D. is a natural psychic/medium and medical intuitive who was gifted with her abilities as a child. She provides remarkable insights for her clients to assist in healing and expansion.

Debra is a former top ranked Wall Street Money Manager, regular CNBC commentator and former Professor at Johns Hopkins University who left a prominent career to pursue a life of service and spirituality. She is committed to helping others and to assist through Spirit.

Debra earned an MBA from The George Washington University, a Masters Certificate in Contemporary Art from Christie’s Education and a Ph.D. from the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary. She is a graduate of the Holistic Studies Institute of New York, has completed mediumship training at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK and trained at the Carl Jung Institute in Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Debra's readings are astonishingly accurate and clear and her clients are continually amazed by her innate abilities. Debra has the ability to provide a remarkable and deep reading and is able to access Spirit for answers to her clients questions and reconnect with loved ones. She is fluent in translating the energy of Spirit for the highest good.