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Nov. 8, 2019

Heidi Craig- Affirmations and Gratitude- Bonus Episode

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This episode is a follow up to a recent episode in which Heidi and I discussed her Near Death Experiences and three lessons she brought back from it. We touched on her book of affirmations and the importance of gratitude in our lives- things that can make a real tangible difference.  

I wanted to have Heidi back to explore these important topics further. In this episode we discuss them and her book: "Messages from Heaven The Little Book of Affirmations Based on the True Story of a Near Death Experience and the Messages Received" which is available on Amazon.com  

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Heidi CraigProfile Photo

Heidi Craig

Heidi Craig is the mother of three boys, a credit analyst, and an author. In 2004, during the birth of her youngest son, Heidi found herself out of her body and in the presence of "spirit beings."

Heidi was given three messages to bring back with her. She says her near-death experience helped her to understand and accept challenges she had faced in her life up until that point, including abuse at the hands of her father. It also helped her with the difficulties she would face after returning. Heidi's mission now is to help as many people as she can by sharing her experience and its lessons.

Heidi's book is "Messages from Heaven (The Little Book of Affirmations Based on the True Story of a Near Death Experience and the Lessons Learned)"