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Sept. 28, 2021

Sandra Champlain- We Don't Die

Sandra Champlain is the host of We Don't Die, a popular podcast; the author of We Don't Die, a bestselling book; and the single biggest reason I started podcasting.

Sandra was a lifelong skeptic about the afterlife. But, she also feared death. Her investigative and skeptical mind led her to delve deeply into afterlife studies to know for herself what is true and what is not. Sandra not only studies the afterlife, she's hands-on trying things like Electronic Voice Phenomenon, channel, mental mediumship, attending physical mediumship demonstrations, and even traveling to Arthur Findlay College, the "Hogwarts of Mediumship".

Sandra is a much sought-after speaker and a friend for several years. I was finally able to find enough time in her busy schedule to get her on Grief to Growth for an hour.

You can find more about Sandra on her website, including information on her new show Shades of the Afterlife on Coast to Coast radio.

ℹ️  www.wedontdie.com

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Sandra Champlain

Author | Podcast Host | Afterlife Expert

After Shayna passed in 2015, Sandra's was the first podcast I found that helped. I subsequently met Sandra at a conference where she asked me to be on her show. I was shocked that she knew who I was. Turns out, she did not. She thought I was someone else. But, a few years later, I was on her show- twice.

For over 20 years, Sandra has been exploring the truth about life, death, grief, and what might lie beyond. She now is to empowers you with the information she has gleaned, and to gives you tools and resources to help you find the path back to your own aliveness.